About Richard

I started using Photoshop in 1992 when version 2.5 was released for Windows. My job was doing layout and design for a small photography book publisher, and I helped them convert to a completely digital operation. Not long after, I had the good luck to become involved with the Adobe beta team for Photoshop and wrote the first of my books on Photoshop and image editing. I learned Photoshop before there were books, partially by trial and error, and partially by transposing my understanding of the analog darkroom to the digital world.

I’ve spent 20 years honing my image editing skills and deepening my understanding of digital images, correction and output. I was on the front lines of the digital publishing revolution, and was one of the first to start using and promoting consumer digital cameras. I am not very good at accepting commonly held beliefs — or those preached by Adobe (or other entities that profit from promotions) especially when what they are promoting doesn’t make sense.

The posts you will see here are usually based on actual questions from my students, readers and feedback at presentations. All of my views are based on solid reasoning, not just opinions I develop because of the way I want things to work. My conclusions are not always popular, but hopefully they are easy to understand and help you reach higher levels in achieving the best images.

I welcome any feedback.

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